Filter plate

The filter plate is one of the main parts of the filter press, and is the key device in the water treatment technology, and plays a dual role of loading filter layer filter and backwash water distribu

Quick Opening Filter Press

Dazhang Filtration Equipment Co.,LTD is a famous China quick opening filter press manufacturer. Quick opening filter press is the one of the most high-efficiency filter press used as coal filter press

Manual Filter Press

Manual Filter Press is one of the widely used small Filter Press for dewatering various materials mining,metallurgy,public road and many other industries. Dazhang Group is a large Jack filter press ma

High Pressure Filter Press

High pressure filter press gathers the features of membrane filter press and automatic filter press into one.It is one of the ideal solid liquid euiqpment which is widely used. Find reliable filter pr

Program-controlled Automatic Filter Press

Dazhang Filtration Equipment CO.,LTD is a famous program-controlled automatic filter press manufacturer in China. If you ave have the need,please be free to contact us.

Screw Air Compressor

Screw air compressor offers high quality compressed air for various industries, and it has the advantages of high efficiency, high productivity, maintenance free, high stability