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The difference of types and standardization of membrane filter press

It mainly depends on the substantial improvement in the production efficiency of consuming goods and equipment manufacturing industry, the great progress of human productivity brought by the industrial revolution.
Standardized and regulated production mode is essential to shorten design time and production cycle.
Membrane filter press is not an exception, although manufacturers can customize membrane filter presses with different specifications according to different customer needs. However, unconventional products will inevitably bring about a certain degree of waste of resources. According to the basis demand of general customers, manufactures could make a series of regular designing for different size of membrane filter press. That will reduce unnecessary cost and meet the requirements of customers.
Generally, there are two main parameters for membrane filter press design are filtering area and filter cake capacity. Customers could select the appropriate specifications from a product series according to their own conditions, such as the quantity of filtered materials in unit time and the average solid content of materials.

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