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Main usage of laboratory membrane filter press

Generally, laboratory filter press is commonly used for solid-liquid separation processes such as cosmetics production, enzyme engineering preparations, oil impurities removal, and cell engineering product preparation. Usually, these laboratory filter presses are mainly made of stainless steel, and the structure of filter plate group is plate and frame structure. The size of the whole machine can be adjusted according to the quantity of the material. It is mainly used for the preparation or production of high value and small batch of experimental or industrial products.
However, the usage of membrane filter press in laboratory is different from that of normal laboratory filter press. Because the difference user from verious location and industies, the selection of filter elements shall be different based on working condition, region, processing materials, and operating methods. An appropriate selection is not only determined by the guidance industry standard and engineering experience but also need the material testing.
Membrane filter press for laboratory is smaller than normal membrane filter press in size, and processing quantity. Its mainly use in the sector of material and filter elements matching. And not for production use.

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