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Advantages and disadvantages of belt filter press

1.   Belt filter press can process special sludge,
 Some sludge, for example: railway, oil and sludge produced by treating wastewater with diatomite. Other types of filter presses cannot process well, and belt filter press can achieve good results.
2.   Low energy costs
Under the same circumstances, the belt filter press has the same treatment effect as other filter presses, but the water consumption and power consumption is only 1/3 of other equipment.
3.   Small space occupation
Due to the special structure, the belt filter press occupies only 1/2 of the equipment. Buit achieves the same treatment effect as other filter presses.
4.Stable operation and long service life
The filter belt with machine has high strength and short length. Because of the special adjustment structure, it is not easy to damage. The filter belt has long service life and stable operation. High-strength stainless steel bearings are used instead of conventional carbon steel bearings. The corrosion resistance is greatly improved and the service life of the equipment can reach 10 years.
5.Easy operation
Due to the simple structure and reasonable design, the operation of the belt filter press is not as complicated as other filter presses, even ordinary workers can operate it.
6.Continuous operation
The belt filter press does not operate intermittently like other filter presses. The belt filter press guarantees continuous operation for 24 hours.
1.Its suitable for high sludge moisture content
2.Maintenance is difficult.

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