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The operation process and precautions for the plate and frame filter press

Many customers don't know how to operate the filter press after purchasing it. Now I will briefly introduce the operation process and precautions for the plate and frame filter press.
Operation process:
1. Fix the filter press according to the drawings provided by the engineer (foundation drawing).
2. Connect the pipe between filter press and pump,  and also connect  other ancillary equipment, then connect the wire with power.
3. Testing the filter press without materiall. Generally, the machine has been debugged before delivery, so the customer only needs to connect the power supply and then  put it into operation.
4. After debugging and everything is working well, then the machine can be put into working. 
5. Regular maintenance the filter press (such as cleaning the filter cloth, replacing the hydraulic oil, checking whether the wire is aging, etc.), if there is any problem, repair it in time.
1. The feed pressure complies with the machine specifications and cannot be higher than the rated feeding pressure.
2. The filter press is better installed indoors. If it is installed outdoors, the hydraulic station, electric control cabinet and motor should be protected from sun protection and water.
3. To filter the material which is  flammable and explosive, the whole machine must be explosion-proof (include motors, valves,  control cabinet and other parts of the machine).
4. To filter the material with high temperature, the customer need to select the high temperature filter press which could resist high temperature. 
5. It is forbidden to stand in front of the cylinder.
6. When the machine is not stopped, it is forbidden to force the machine to be stopped by hand or instrument.
If the customer has other problems, please don't worry. We will provide customers with detailed operation manual, foundation drawing and circuit diagram. If the customer needs, our engineers can go to the site to guide the installation. If there are any problems during the operation, please inform the saleman  in time, we will try our best to contact our engineer to solve your problems as soon as possible.

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