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Belt Filter Press Operating Instructions

Belt Filter Press Operating Instructions
1. Before starting the machine, please check whether the power supply is a 3-phase five-wire system. The power supply must not be out of phase and properly connected to the control box.
2. Check for objects in the machine to avoid damage to the machine. Put the formulated liquid level in a reasonable position
3. Close the main switch, unscrew the Emergency Stop button, and turn the Control Powerbutton to theOnposition. On the panel, thePower Indicatorlight is on.
4. In the manual state, first turn the air compressor button to the open position, the air compressor starts, and the pressure can be turned to the host, conditioning tank, concentrator, cleaning pump and sludge pump. Dosing pump". If anectopic alarm occurs, adjust the position of the correcting lever of the correcting valve, and then press theforce button to make the belt run until the ectopic alarm disappears. If the external air supply is used, the "Air compressor" button must be rotated first in the manual state.
5. Turn the Manual/Auto button to the automatic state, Air compressor will run automatically, and the corresponding indicator will light. When the pressure continues to rise, the pressure switch operates, and the main machine,conditioning tank,concentratorandcleaning pumpautomatically run until the dosing pump starts, and the sludge pump starts. If it is an external air source, the automatic state, the main machine, the conditioning tank, the thickener, the cleaning pump, the automatic operation, the delay time to the dosing pump start, the sludge pump starts. The mixer can be started and stopped regardless of the manual or automatic status.
6. In the automatic state, dosing, sludge level is low, then stop the dosing pump and sludge pump, delay the host, conditioning tank, thickener, flush pump. When switching from the automatic state to the stop state, the dosing pump and the sludge pump are stopped first, and the main machine, the conditioning tank, the thickener, and the flushing pump are stopped for a delay. If an overload fault occurs, the system stops immediately.
7. The main machine, thickener, sludge pump, dosing pump are regulated by the corresponding frequency converter. When adjusting the speed, turn the knob on the corresponding inverter panel to speed up or slow down the corresponding motor output speed.

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