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The calculation mode of model choosing on chamber filter press

Chamber filter press is widely used in solid liquid separation in many fields, such as sludge dewatering, domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater treatment etc.
This text is to show how to calculate the filter press model base on wet solid volume. Compared with wet solid volume, dry solid volume and suspended slurry volume calculation, wet solid volume is easy to get, so we suggest to use this data for model choosing.
The calculation of wet solid volume:
1. Filter area standard: according to Chinese National Standard GB, each 1m2 filter area equals to 15L solid volume.
2. Before filtering: Volume V1 (m3), according to experience, the slurry consistency a=97.5%~99.2%
3. After filtering: Voume V2 (m3), the cake moisture after filtration b=75%
4. Filtering cycle: the filter time or frequency t.
5. Solid volume balance method: V1*(1-b) =V2*(1-b), to get V2=V1*(1-a)/(1-b).
6. Filter area: =1000*V2/15/t=1000*V1*(1-a)/(1-b)/15/t
7. For example, there is a hardware factory whose wet slurry volume (to be discharged into the slurry tank) per day is V1=6.0m3, its slurry consistency is a=98.0%. Now they are planning to filter this slurry 1 time per day, the filter area needed will be =1000*6.0*(1-98%)/(1-75%)/15/1=32, according to the calculation we suggest to use a 40m2 filter press XMY40/870-U.
Above is the calculation method of Dazhang (DZ) chamber filter press. Welcome to contact us for getting filtration solution for free!

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