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The cons of plate&frame filter press, and what is recessed filter plate

As for the users who didnt applied the filter press, all the filter press could be called plate&frame filter press. Actually, the filter press could be separated in several types based on different working condition requirements or equipment structure. As the developed demand for higher efficiency of mordernized industrial prodution, many cons of plate and frame filter press can not meet the customers application. These cons mainly about two factors below:
Troditional plate&frame filter press consisted filter plate and filter frame alternated arrangement, and the center space of filter frame is the filter chamber by which contain the filter cake. However, due to one filter frame is sandwiched in the middle of two flat plates, the filter cake holded by the center space of filter frame, it is not easy to take a filter cake discharge from the filter frame at the end time of filtering processing. On the other hand, the pressure of filter press pressing mechanism focus on the center of flat plates, the force will be uneven on the surface of filter plates and lead to breakage in the long term.
However, the filtering pressure of plate&frame structure is lower than the chamber filter press, so that the filtering velocity is slow and the higher water content of filter cake. It cant meet the requirment of some customers who demand a higher filtering velocity and lower cake moisture.
The chamber filter press could totally substitute the plate&frame filter press. Because of all the filter plates are same in material, shape, structure and strength. The sediment of slurry distributed evenly inside of filter chambers so that the filter plater could bearing higher feeding pressure than plate&frame filter press, due to the recessed filter plates structure, then provide lower water content filter cake.

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