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Design Features of Belt Filter Press

Great mountains and waters, blue sky and white clouds make people feel happy and refreshed. The country vigorously promotes environmental protection, and people's awareness of environmental protection is stronger than ever. Nowadays, to do a good business and a big company, we especially to pay attention to environmental protection, so in the production, a series of environmental protection equipment is also used, and the discharge of sewage is filtered. The gradual rise of filter press equipment has become a necessity for every business. Among them, the belt filter press is hot. The belt filter press has compact structure, novel style, convenient operation and management, large processing capacity, low moisture content of the filter cake and good effect. Compared with the same type of equipment, it has the following design features:
1.It adopts advanced technology from Austria and has a good appearance.
2.The structure has a large stiffness, a steady operation and low noise.
3.It is equipped with advanced concentration preprocessing equipment to flocculate slurry preferably and decrease running cost.
4.Dewatering rollers are arranged in a scientific way. Filtrate is respectively discharged from gravity zone, wedge-shaped zone and squeezing zone without disturbing each other. Dewatering rollers have larger diameter and better dewatering effect, they endowed belt filter with high treatment capacity, high efficiency and energy saving.
5.It works continuously from feeding to cake discharging. It has high degree in automation. PLC interface can be installed as needed to realize centralized control by computer.
6.Power transmission adopts mechanical or frequency stepless speed regulation, so as to get wide speed range and application.
7.It is equipped with reliable backwash device to ensure good dehydration effect.
8.It is equipped with pneumatic tensioning and auto deviation adjustment device to ensure safe operation of filter belt.
9.It adopts infrared safety guarding and comprehensive emergency shutdown device to ensure safety operation.
10.Different filter belt can be selected based on various filtering material, the filter belt is of high precision.

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