DNY Belt Filter Press

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Based on the introduced advanced technology, DNY belt filter press is developed and designed based on DY belt filter press. DNY belt filter press is one ideal sludge-dewatering equipment which is widely used in chemical, coal, paper making, food staff, urban sewage and other industries. It also can be used as a liquid-solid separating machine. It features in high efficiency, good dewatering effects and low consumption. Using this kind of DNY belt filter press, no need of concentrating pond, thus saving the investment and  floor area.


1.It is a integration equipment, automatic control, continuous operation;
2.Low power consumption, long service life;
3.High concentration dehydration efficiency and high solid content of mud cake;
4.Easy management, easy maintenance;

5.Low noise, economic and reliable, with wide range of application.

Applications Include: 

Municipal WWTP Sludge
Pulp and Paper Sludge
Water Plant Sludge
Aggregate Fines
Meat Processing Sludge
Canning Sludge
Animal Manure
Ink Sludge
Mineral Slurries
Grease Trap Waste
Food Products


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