Application of filter Press in Iron and Steel Wastewater

 Product Knowledge    |      2019-05-21
1. Problems in Steel Industry
With the development of iron and steel industry in China, the production increases rapidly, and the technical level of steel production is obviously improved. However, iron and steel industry is also one of the industries with high energy consumption, high water consumption and high pollution. At present, the energy consumption of iron and steel industry accounts for more than 10% of the total energy consumption in China, and the water consumption of iron and steel industry accounts for about 9% of the national industrial water consumption, and the energy consumption and water consumption index of China's iron and steel industry are much higher than the advanced level of foreign countries. Therefore, sewage sludge treatment in iron and steel industry is a major problem of environmental pollution at present.
2. Demand on Filter Press 
The wastewater produced by the iron and steel industry mainly includes converter wastewater, continuous casting wastewater, cold rolling wastewater, hot ligation wastewater, acid pickling wastewater, comprehensive wastewater. Wastewater mainly containing oil (including emulsion), acid, alkali and chromium (heavy metal ions). At present, Steel Wastewater filter press is used in most wastewater treatment of iron and steel industry. Filter press can effectively separate suspended matter, heavy metal, sediment and so on from iron and steel wastewater. It need higher requirements about filter press’s corrosion resistance, wear resistance. Considering from the angle of cost, the iron and steel industry needs filter press with better quality and stronger treatment capacity. Thus better for the enterprises to save production costs.
3. Advantages
1. Improved automation. PLC control system, sewage treatment is fast, easy to use. 
2. Save energy. The filter press saves about 80% more energy than the traditional filter press. 
3. The effect is good. The filter cake moisture content reached 20%-50% after filter press treatment. 
4. Multiple configurations. Can be configured according to customer needs automatic drawing plate, automatic unloading, automatic feed, automatic pressure keeping, etc. 
5. Can be equipped with automatic liquid collection plate mechanism: automatic collection of filter cloth capillary leakage of filtrate and cloth cleaning water 
6. Simple operation, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance.
According to the above analysis, the filter press is suitable for iron and steel wastewater treatment. In order to better serve the steel industry. To the greatest extent for the iron and steel enterprises to save production costs and reduce environmental pollution.