The Production Process of Filter Plate

 Product Knowledge    |      2021-04-15
The filter plate is the core component of the filter press, so maybe you have some questions about it. Today I will give you a brief introduction about the production process of the filter plate:
1.Hot melt
The raw materials of the filter plateinclude PP particle, calcium powder, or elastomer will be put into the hot melt machine in a certain proportion, this is the first step.
We put the hot-melted PP material into the mould of the press machine to make the filter plate form once by using its huge pressure. It takes about 2 hours to produce one plate and this is mainly for the production of the chamber plate. For the membrane plate we will use the injection moulding machine. The raw material will be hot melted and pressed to form the plate together. The larger pressure of the injection moulding machine will produce higher quality plate.
The filter plate produced in the second step will be sent to our filter plate workshop for processing. The milling machine will make the surface of the plate more smooth; the drill used to open the inlet and outlet holes; the worker drilled the little water holes according to the filtration process. After all the processes are completed, the worker uses the flame to repair the final burr.
4.Finished product
After the third step, the filter plate is completed finished. According to the different models and the size, we will install the different handles on the filter plate. For the CGR plates, we will install the seals and filter cloth before delivery to reduce the customer's operation.
The above is the brief introduction of the production process of the filter plate. If you have any new questions, please feel free to contact us. If you want to know more about it, please come to our factory and we will learn about the production process of the machine and filter plate together. Thank you.